Sharing Plots

Sometimes there aren’t enough plots for everyone that wants one.  When this happens, plot holders may agree to share their plot.  Many gardeners unofficially share their plots with friends and family, but if unofficial sharers want to inherit the plot when the plot holder leaves; or be eligible to get a different plot, they must complete an application to be put on the wait list.

Garden plots are non-transferable.  Persons who share unofficially have no claim to the plot they have been sharing if it becomes available. When leaving the GCGC, the plot holder cedes control back to GCGC.

  • There is a probationary period of 1-3 months for new gardeners of the shared plot.  In all cases, it is up to the official plot holder to decide if a sharing arrangement is working. If not, the plot holder has the right to terminate the arrangement at any time.
  • Sharing arrangements need to be renewed annually.